Outdoor Classrooms

Our Outdoor Classrooms are one of our major lines, hand crafted and built to last. We understand that often Schools want an external teaching resource but with some quite specific requirements meeting the needs of pupils, teachers and sometimes parents.

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We offer two widths (2m & 3m) and we recommend that there is enough bench capacity for 2.5 to 3 children per metre (depending on age/size/ proximity etc). So to give some examples:

4 x 2m – half panels and benches – 8m benching – 20 to 24 children
5 x 3m – half panels and benches – 10m benching – 25 to 30 children

As with all our products the customisation is based on dialogue with the school, 3D plans and itemised proposal.

We also offer a range of Playground Dens, Shelters & Gazebos