Home & Garden Adventure Play

Home garden play equipment – encouraging creative and physical play for boys and girls

AllOutPlay garden playground equipment and playhouses are designed to stimulate creative and imaginative play – an unique combination of fantasy and fun that encourages outdoor physical activity for both boys and girls

If you are interested in AllOutPlay garden play equipment and playhouses, please contact us or your nearest stockist.

Your children will instinctively recognise that the Castle can be a fairy palace, a Wild West fort, or a stage for medieval chivalry and pageantry. The Tower could house Rapunzel, or something from Middle Earth. The Climbing Den could be a swamp hut, or a tree house. They can sit quietly in a secret space high above the ground, or have a crazy time climbing, crawling and swinging in a stimulating, but safe, environment.

All our garden play equipment and playhouses are modular and can be combined and interconnected to create an even more inspiring structure, with additional climbing, crawling and sliding possibilities. You can buy AllOutPlay garden play equipment and playhouses with a view to combining them right from the start, or buy extra, interconnecting modules as your children grow.