Playground Adventure Play

AllOutPlay Adventure Play is a renowned modular system which combines active and creative play. The Towers and Castles can be arranged in unlimited configurations to provide inspiring and challenging outdoor play for Schools, Nurseries and Visitor Attractions.

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AllOutPlay Adventure Play equipment – innovative, unique and surprisingly affordable.
AllOutPlay Adventure Play products are designed to provide fun, enjoyment and educational opportunities in a safe, easy-to-supervise environment. Our Adventure Play equipment is especially suitable for schools, nurseries, playgroups and visiter attractions.

Adventure Play – the right balance
Adventure Play encourages children’s development by striking the right balance between firing the imagination and presenting opportunities for physical play. It’s all about generating confidence, having fun and stimulating outdoor activity.

Adventure Play – you decide
Adventure Play equipment offers fantastic value for money, as the modular designs can be combined and interconnected to extend the scope of adventure play activities. This ability to extend the system is particularly useful as children grow older, or available space and budgets increase.

Adventure Play – everyone is different
Adventure Play structures can be adapted to take into account children’s designs or the unique opportunities of your adventure playground site.

Adventure Play – learning is fun
There is great potential to use our adventure playgrounds and playhouses as a teaching resource, as they can provide a stage and backdrop to support educational themes.

Free advice and 3-D drawings
We’ll give you all the advice you need, plus free, 3-D plans and fully itemised costings